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Heading into Fall, Real Estate & Stocks Continue to be the Leaders in the Economy.

The market is definitely hot, but inventory is needed! If you have been thinking of selling, the window of opportunity is open and this would be a great time to contact me.

  • Closed sales in August 2020 surpassed last year by 3.0% for Detached homes and 6.0% for Attached homes.

  • Pending sales increased 23.5% for Detached, and 27.8% for attached homes, indicating September sales will greatly surpass September 2019 sales despite 52% less Detached homes available for sale, and 30.2% less Attached homes for sale than this time last year.

  • Media sales price was up 14.5.5 to $750,000 for Detached, and up 9.2% for Attached homes.

  • Days on Market decreased 27.3% from last year.

While it’s typical for housing activity to slow down some as the school season begins, it’s looking like the momentum that’s been building since May/June is going to carry us well into fall. The greatest uncertainties lie with the potential for a resurgence of COVID-19, and any resulting effects of the upcoming elections.

Have your needs changed and wondering if you should make a change? Reach out to me and let's discuss what might be the best move for you.

Until next time, may you be well and happy.


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