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Tamara worked very hard to help me find a home. She gave me good advice and was easy and fun to work with. She’ll be the one I call when I’m ready to sell.  
— Robin Rigby


Tamara helped us sell our townhome and buy a house. We had very unique criteria for the house, and she showed great patience during our search process that took us across the entire San Diego County. She was always very prepared, provided sound counsel, and incredible follow-up. She is a true professional.  
— Kathy Moorhouse


Over the course of 40 years, I have bought and sold many homes. None of those experiences can compare to the level of service I received from Tamara Zyhylij. Particularly in today’s complex marketplace, Tamara’s experience and knowledge were invaluable to the process of selling one home while buying another. The purchasing process was particularly challenging given that it was a HUD-owned property that carried with it specific demands that had to be followed precisely.


Those challenges, including the significant time required to complete an offer, never phased Tamara. She guided me through the entire process with confidence and optimism that allayed any anxiety I had. She also remained engaged with all the other key contacts to ensure that the process moved along as quickly and smoothly as possible. Like many other people, I swear I’ll never do this again; however, it’s reassuring to know that if I’m ever in need of an expert realtor with impeccable credentials, I can call on Tamara.

— Rich H.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tamara Zyhylij over the years. I can say that she is a very professional and detailed individual, who cares about her clients. In addition she has worked on numerous fund-raising events and is a huge part of the community. I am looking forward to continuing our personal and business relationship for many years to come.

— Joaquin Lopez, Repeat Client and Owner, Farmers Insurance

When my uncle died, Tamara sold his house for my family. We were out of state and she assisted us with getting through all rules and regulations and my family felt she was very trustworthy and doing her best for us. When my brother died, she again really went out of her way to help us – even helping us find a ‘house watcher’ until the house sold. Tamara is great.  
— Sue Tenny, Oregon customer


Tamara Z has the skills to be very professional while incorporating personal touches that help her clients and colleagues feel comfortable knowing that while engaging in transactions the two sides work as one to accomplish similar win-win goals. Tamara is the type of professional that works with you not above or against you when solutions are needed to keep positive energy and results flowing in the right direction. She is very knowledgeable and creative in her field and will bounce ideas off you when a brainstorm is needed. Tamara always has had her clients’ best interest in mind and it has shown in each business opportunity we have shared over the past few years. I wish more of my Real Estate deals involved agents like Tamara Z as I probably would have fewer gray hairs!

— Julie Bourne, REALTOR

As a Realtor it’s not often that you get to work with a true professional on every level. Tamara Z and I have worked on a few deals together representing both buyers and sellers. Tamara Z is a pro, superb negotiator, networker and always has her client’s best interest at heart. When I see that Tamara Z has a listing that I’m writing an offer on, I’m confident that my clients will have a smooth transaction. I hope to work with Tamara on many more deals in the future.

— Todd Armstrong, REALTOR



Tamara is the best realtor I have every worked with! She is a very trustworthy, hard working and a professional realtor who truly cares about her clients. While I waited for over a year to sell my home in Arizona, Tamara kept in touch, kept us up to date on new listings and most importantly kept my hopes up! When I was ready to buy in San Diego, Tamara worked very hard to find me the perfect home for my family. Once I decided to sell my home, Tamara was there yet again with her knowledge, experience and great work ethic. We sold our house very fast and the process went smoothly. I would never hesitate to work with Tamara again and I’d recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home.


-- Pamela Clement

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If you are looking for an amazing real estate agent for San Diego or the surrounding areas, I highly recommend Tamara. From the moment she was introduced to me she put an extraordinary amount of time and work to assist me in the selection of a new home. I lived in Northern CA when I started looking for a residence in San Diego. Tamara was kind enough to organize our first day in such a way that my friend and I did not waste time as we were there only for the day. She had prepared a very well-organized brochure complete with important facts about each property. I was blown away at how well-documented and thorough the brochure was. Tamara tirelessly took us to many properties on that very first so I could get familiar with downtown. From the very first day I never felt once any push on her part to make a quick decision. However, she absorbed my comments and, with time, had a good understanding of what I was looking for without having me state it for her. After flying home, she kept looking for properties for me and answer all my questions about each property by contacting the seller’s agent promptly as needed. She never complained or made me feel as if I was a burden - we did visit many properties! Now, for the best traits about Tamara: she is kind, non-assuming, and loads of fun to talk to. You will feel very much at ease with her. I am very much grateful for the wonderful service she gave me in finding a new home that I love. Please look no further, hire her.  


-- Oanh Hanley


— Rich H.

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