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What Happens to Your Home if Something Happens to You?

Tamara Zyhylij, Broker Associate

This is not a popular topic of conversation, but I'd be remiss if I didn't inform my clients of the protections of insurance. During the purchase process, I discuss with them that not all home hazard insurance is the same, and that if something should happen to their home--flood, fire or otherwise, it is likely worth a little extra cost for the peace of mind of knowing they are fully covered.

What I don't often bring up, is whether their home and other family needs will be provided for if something catastrophic should happen to one of the income providers. Could they keep their home? Would they be able to pay for health insurance? Could the kids still go to college? Would your partner be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement?

The fact is, nothing can replace you, but life insurance can help replace your income. In the event of your passing, they could receive a guaranteed death benefit, and those funds could help your family maintain their standard of living. Whether you’re living on your own, starting a family or about to enjoy your retirement, life insurance can play a role in your life, and more importantly, for those you care about and work so hard to provide a home for.

Like home hazard insurance, be sure to understand your life insurance product and coverage fully. All products are not alike, and should be reviewed at least every couple of years and immediately upon any major life changes. I rarely specify particular services or vendors in my blog, but I do want to give you a place to gather information that I trust.

My personal State Farm agent, Dorian Brewer, will welcome your call. Tell him Tamara Z sent you and he'll educate you about the policies available not only to help your family maintain their standard of living, but how they can act as investment vehicles for you when you all live a very long and healthy life.

Thank you, and as always, I'm here to help you make smart real estate decisions. Let my experience work for you. Just reach out.


You can reach Dorian here:

Dorian E. Brewer

Agent Owner – License 0I44860

2313 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego CA 92104

Office: 619-831-8172


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