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Bob Hope's UFO Home Sells for $13 Million

RISMEDIA, Friday, January 06, 2017— Bob Hope's house sold for $13 million. Having gone through a couple of price cuts over the last three years, the most recent cut lowered the ask to $25 million. But with no comps available, how does one actually price a concrete spaceship? Seems that when $25 million was thrown at the wall, $13 million stuck. The Palm Springs spaceship/volcano house, designed for Bob and Dolores Hope by John Lautner in 1973, needed a buyer with deep pockets who would appreciate its futuristic leanings, have appreciation for architects who think outside the box, and young enough at heart to enjoy a bit of whimsy. At 23,000 square feet under a dramatic high undulating roof, the unique house has open spaces in the walls and ceiling, allowing daylight or stars to shine through, casting shapely shadows into the interior. These curved openings also allow for stunning views across the landscape and mountains, while appearing to be nestled comfortably into its well-designed desert landscaping and outdoor living areas. The house also has a spa with greenhouse wall, six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a pond, putting greens and a tennis court. Credit:

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