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Bounce House Lesson

I spent an afternoon at Birney Elementary School's “Block Party,” an event the fledgling parent foundation planned and executed to raise awareness of this IB World School in the local community. They are relatively new at their guardianship, but they all agree on their ensure their children start their journey in life with the basic tools they need to be successful--and isn’t that what every parent wants for their child?

I understand it wasn't many years ago that the school struggled with scores and enrollment. That seems to have turned around completely. Today, Birney has a talented Principal, top notch instructors, and an environment that not only teaches the fundamentals of arithmetic and reading, but also fosters inquisitive and open minded behavior, and encourages individuality balanced with cooperation and good citizenship.

I'm proud to be affiliated with the Friends of Alice Birney Elementary School foundation. And I'm proud that Ascent Real Estate encourages and facilitates community involvement and participation. Strong communities are not magically born. They are nurtured, one person at a time, by those who want to make a difference. We all want to live, own homes, work and play in an environment where the community cares and where we are proud to call home.

I spent most of my time tending the Bounce House that Ascent Real Estate sponsored for the event. While spying for any sharp objects I may have to confiscate from the endless stream of bouncers, I overheard a conversation between one of the parent board members and a local resident. The board member explained how important it was to support their neighborhood school. The resident replied “The school doesn’t really affect me. I don’t have any children.”

The parent responded very matter-of -factly that, yes, it does affect you. Good schools build better neighborhoods. People want their children to go to good schools. They want to live near their children’s school. That means moving into the neighborhood. When demand for a neighborhood goes up, so do prices. Do you own your home?”

Amen. Wherever you are…support your local schools!

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