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Skyrocketing Rents Begin to Fizzle

RISMEDIA, Friday, February 03, 2017— Skyrocketing rents will begin to fizzle in 2017, driven by a multifamily market marked by less starts and oversupply, according to the Freddie Mac Multifamily Research Group's 2017 Multifamily Outlook. "Demand for rental units is at a historic high due to demographic changes and lifestyle preferences, but increasing new supply and other factors are likely to moderate multifamily market growth in 2017," says Steve Guggenmos, Freddie Mac Multifamily vice president of Research and Modeling. "In particular, landlords are likely to pull back on rent increases as new supply enters the market and vacancy rates rise." Rents are expected to grow at their 2016 pace; vacancy rates are expected to reach 5 percent for the first time since 2011. For more information, please visit

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