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Looking to Save? Here's How to Find the Best HVAC Company

RISMEDIA, Wednesday, January 18, 2017— If you live in a region where temperature changes continue through the winter and summer seasons, chances are you may be experiencing higher energy usage year round, and along with it, larger energy bills. But it's a price you're willing to pay to stay comfortable throughout the year, right? The reality is, you're not the only one. Just looking at the peak summer months, air conditioning alone accounts for about half of the nation's energy usage. That's a lot of energy (and money) going toward keeping us comfortable. Finding the right HVAC company that can help you upgrade your unit easily and affordably will not only keep more money in your pocket, but it will also make for a greener home. Talk about a win-win situation! With all the options and energy ratings these days, how are we to know what unit will be best for our household? Trying to shop for a high-efficiency unit or finding a contractor that's right for the job can, at first, seem overwhelming. The following infographic by Ambient Edge helps walk you through the process of shopping for a high-efficiency unit and how to find the best HVAC company. It will help explain just what all of those energy-efficiency ratings mean for your family and you, and offer criteria you should look for when shopping for a green HVAC contractor such as Manual J calculations, duct work and maintenance plans. Save on your energy bills and leave a smaller carbon footprint so that instead of bracing yourself for those summer months, you can get back to enjoying them.

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