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Buying a Home? How Technology Can Help

Technology touches every part of our lives, and buying a home is no exception. With an abundance of websites and apps at the homebuyer’s disposal, how do you know what’s worth your time and what isn’t? And what about a real estate agent? Where do they fit in? Here’s a game plan for using technology to your advantage when searching for your home-to-be. Get prequalified. Before you even begin your home search, find out how much house you can really afford by using an online mortgage calculator. Then start the process to get prequalified for your mortgage. Certain lenders even offer a streamlined online process for prequalification. Start online. Well over 90 percent of homebuyers start their search online, and this is a good thing. Try a home search portal like® or, or do a Google search on the cities/neighborhoods/zip codes where you’d like to buy. This will also lead you to the sites of real estate professionals who serve the areas you’re interested in. Then start perusing what’s available. Look for listings with lots of photos, and better yet, virtual tours and videos. Some videos are even done with drone technology to give you an awesome aerial perspective on properties for sale. Use social media sites like Instagram and Twitter and check out homes and neighborhoods using hashtag searches that include the towns you’re interested in. This will yield some interesting information not only on available real estate, but on the communities themselves. Do some drive-by’s. Your online research will help narrow down your choices. Now it’s time to get in the car and drive by the properties you’re interested in. While you’ll most likely notice a yard sign with the listing agent’s information outside the homes you’re interested in, you might even notice a text-for-more-info code. Be sure to take advantage of this technology if it’s offered, as it can connect you with an agent right away who can then show you the home and help you negotiate an offer. Technology will help make for a fluid relationship with your agent. Let your agent know your preferred method of communication—email, text or phone call—to ensure responsiveness. You’ll also find that digital documents and secure electronic-signature technology will streamline the closing process even further. Despite the array of technology that will help you along the way to buying your home, remember that none of it replaces the guidance and local expertise of your real estate agent. Ask them how they use technology and what other apps they may have available to help you find and seal the deal on your home. Contact our office today to learn more about how technology can help in the home search process.

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